A horrible night out

Grand Opera House 'York '2010
Grand Opera House 'York '2010

Preview: The Circus of Horrors, White Rock Theatre, January 15, 7.30pm.

WALKING through Hastings in the early hours of Sunday morning you could be mistaking some of the revellers spilling out of nightclubs for the undead.

They are not. They are just drunk and sweaty.

The real undead (well, men in costumes PRETENDING to be undead, not the REAL real undead) will be at the White Rock Theatre in January.

Led by ringmaster Doktor Haze, The Circus Of Horrors is a whistle-stop trip through a hell (geddit? Hell?) of a tale with show-stealing live, devil-driven rock and roll.

There is also an uncontrollable cast of voodoo acrobats, pickled people, bendy bodies and grotesque vampies. Not, it would be fair to say, a show for the squimish.

Tickets are available now, priced £21, £18 and £16 - with £5 off the top two prices if snapped up before January 4 (just quote Asylum when booking).

Concessions get £3 off - as do members of the White Rock Friends £3.