Seagulls star in county event

Hastings Seagull talent Louis Choron won 11 gold medals at the county championships
Hastings Seagull talent Louis Choron won 11 gold medals at the county championships

Forty-four Hastings Seagull swimmers achieved an astonishing total of 244 personal best times at the 2014 Sussex County Swimming Championships in Crawley.

The club achieved outstanding success with Lauren Alff, Megan Alsop, Jemimah Berkeley, Jade Bennett, Louis Choron, Ellie Foster, Harry Kilbane, Elizabeth Saldana and Leah Williams each earning the title of Sussex county champion in at least one event.

Jean-Jacques Choron, Dominic Harvey, Megan Hawkesley, Ben Horner, Andrew Paige, William Saldana, Jodie Shoesmith and Dan Williams each earned at least one medal, while Henri Choron, Kathryn Clarke, Lexie Coleman, Thomas Conte, Dominic Elphick, Imogen Scott-Carter, Harry Turner, Jessica Warburton, Oliver Ward, Emily Williams and Nadia Winn each reached a final in at least one event.

By far the best results achieved by any Seagull swimmer were set by Louis Choron. The 11-year-old won 11 county titles, two silver medals, two bronze medals and a fourth place with a host of PBs.

Of the girls, 11-year-olds Elizabeth Saldana, Leah Williams, Jade Bennett and Ellie Foster were each superb. Saldana and Williams sped to gold in two events, Bennett powered to victory in the 100m breaststroke, and Foster swam 10 PBs out of 10 and won three events.

Dominic Harvey swam eight PBs, winning one silver and one bronze medal, and reaching two other finals. Fellow nine-year-old Imogen Scott-Parker was a finalist in two events.

The best relay result was a silver medal earned by the boys’ aged 9-16 medley team of Dan Williams, Andrew Paige, Thatchai Cramp and Ben Horner.