We were kept in the dark over mast

HAVING read the Observer (March 2) and seen the article relating to the Vodafone mast, I think a comment should be made.

I am one of the residents of The Suttons, not only that, but the mast when erected will be seen from our lounge window.

I did not in fact sign the petition mentioned in the article but sent my own objection to the mast as did my husband.

We were one of the properties that should have received the planning notification. We did not receive either the one sent in December or the one sent in January.

I am writing to object to the fact that the planning officer Ray Crawford says in your article that ‘everyone within 50 metres of the site were sent letters’ and that ‘there is no doubt that everyone in the area knew about it given the petition’.

I am not taken to lying and definitely did not receive either one of the letters.

The only reason that I and others that signed the petition knew of this proposal, is when it was bought to our attention by one of only two or three houses that actually received the notification.

The fact that the councillor for the area was not even told about it only adds to this unfortunate debacle.


The Suttons

St Leonards