Visit market in the Old Town

AS all sorts of markets keep springing up, let me draw attention to one unusual, long-standing market which has enthusiastic local support.

It is the Country (formerly WI) Market at 10.15am in All Saints Church Hall, Old Town, every Friday.

For this, local ladies cook yummy pies and cakes and breads and curries.

Then, depending on the season, various fruits and vegetables and eggs and flowers and plants from local gardens appear. One stall has locally-made soft goods. And there are fine jams and marmalades.

There is a café area for sociable light refreshment.

Before the market opens, we all form an orderly queue along the street, chatting amiably to our friends and neighbours. Sharp at 10.15am the doors open.

Then, woosh!, there is an almighty, unseemly dash, elbows flying, for the things we want. It’s fun. Do try it one day.


The Bourne