The cost of being wrong

IN LAST week’s Observer there were two letters complaining about Hastings Borough Council moving the Tourist Information Centre (TIC), rathern than the Housing Advice Centre (HAC), from the town hall to Aquila House. Helen Rudd asked why the TIC couldn’t stay where it was.

The answer is obvious to councillors, council officers and lawyers. Councillors Jeremy Birch and Jay Kramer took the lead in moving the HAC from Aquila House to the town hall only a few months ago, and if they were simply to move it back this would be an admission by them that it was a big mistake.

And it was an expensive mistake which the councillors might be asked to repay to us taxpayers. Everybody I have spoken to wants to see the HAC return to Aquila House, but that would be a confessino of guilt by councillors, so they don’t want to do it.

Mind you, the councillors are not short of money. They have just spent thousands of pounds on redecorating and furnishing a very confortable room for themselves in the town hall.

Financial crisis? What financial crisis?


Silchester Road

St Leonards