Suspend parking charges to stem tide of shop closures

ANOTHER three shops have gone and probably more to follow.

I am aware that this is due to the recession in these latest cases. But I do think that we as a town can help the remaining shops to perhaps survive by suspending parking charges.

Every shop that closes is a massive financial loss to the town as there is no income from rent, rates etc.

But with some encouragement to stay open they may just survive this downfall in market trends.

If you look around the town at present it is becoming a place full of fast food restaurants and cafes. These will be unable to survive if there is nowhere to purchase other goods.

We are already seeing the effect that Asda is having on Silverhill, other shops are competing with a store that provides 90 per cent of what was already available in the area at more competitive prices.

Soon we will see the parade of shops bordering the main road follow the trend of the rest of Hastings and either close or become fast food shops.

We have already seen some growth in this area.

So come on, rethink the overall planning strategy and change the way we approve planning approvals.


Old Roar Road

St Leonards