Stagecoach need to rethink service

AS a resident of West St Leonards, I have been a Stagecoach customer since 2008 using the 99 and 98 services mainly for return journeys into Hastings (to work) and Central St Leonards (to go shopping in London Road).

I am not a car owner and depend solely on public transport, as do many young, disabled and older people.

What do Observer readers think about the following points?

* West St Leonards and indeed the whole area east of Warrior Square to Bexhill Station (approximately 5 miles), does not benefit from the frequent services of the kind provided by Stagecoach for the Hollington area.

* The above five miles between Warrior Square and Bexhill Rail Station (travelling towards Bexhill) does not benefit from any bus service whatsoever after 6.30pm.

* There is no direct service from anywhere along the seafront to the Old Town (customers have to change at Warrior Square or Hastings Town Centre to access the Old Town).

* The 99 and 98 are long route buses, having destinations of Eastbourne and Hailsham respectively, which contributes to their unreliability and is a major cause of inconvenience and distress to passengers.

* There is serious overcrowding in the summer months.

* Stagecoach uses old fashioned buses with very high steps on their 98 routes, making it impossible for some disabled people to use them at all – these passengers are limited to the 99 buses which have easy-access platforms.

I think the solution would be a single deck bus, local to this area, routed along the seafront from the Old Town to Bexhill Rail Station (in addition to the 98 and 99). Not only would this provide a more reliable, more frequent and hopefully extended evening service between Warrior Square and Bexhill Rail Station, it would link us to the Old Town benefiting the economy of both areas.

Any comments by St Leonards, Bexhill or Hastings Bus Users to


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