Sprinklers ought to be mandatory

I WRITE regarding the fire at Marlborough House where my mother-in-law was a resident.

The fire again raises the question as to why we do not install sprinkler systems in homes as a mandatory requirement and in particular buildings where there may be elderly or vulnerable residents.

Had sprinklers been installed in what is suspected as the flat which was the seat of the fire then the damage to the building may have been limited to the one flat and minor damage to associated flats.

For a relatively small outlay whilst the property was being constructed/refurbished then the damage could have been limited to a great deal less, no doubt many hundreds of thousands of pounds, as well as the distress to residents who have been evacuated and are homeless as a result with the obvious loss of possessions also. Also of course limiting the risk to the fire service.

On another point I wish to commend all emergency services for their obvious skills and expertise in dealing with the residents and the fire, the staff at Marlborough House in the way they handled the evacuation and also the volunteers and vicar at Christ Church for setting up a shelter for the residents.

Being there proved to me that all emergency services on site showed professionalism and dealt with the residents in a calm and friendly way making them all at ease.

The residents themselves were very calm and their fortitude is also to be commended, to be with them at this difficult time showed that they were calm and cheerful at what really must have been a terrifying experience particularly due to age and various conditions.

Good to see a community coming together at a time of adversity and hope that the true community spirit is still with us, albeit with the hope that it does not take an incident such as this to bring a community together.


King Edward Avenue