Shoppers can vote with feet

REGARDING Tesco opening a store in Ore, last week you printed two letters, one from F Pilbeam which talked a load of sense and the other from P Moffat-Bailey which I thought had no relation at all to the Tesco Express issue.

Are the local elections coming soon? because Mr Moffat-Bailey has started trying to sway voting already.

I am no fan of New Labour but words like corporate greed and people in power pushing things through without thinking about the local people doesn’t make me think so much about New Labour but rather the party which in the early 1980s did not give a toss about decimating whole communities in Northern England and Wales.

Does Mr Moffat-Bailey really think that a Conservative/Lib Dem/UKIP/BNP council (whoever)would have done anything differently? The issue bigger stores setting up and putting small people out of business has been happening all over the country - is this all down to New Labour councils?

Putting politics aside which obviously Mr Moffat Bailey does not want to do as he managed to mention Labour three times in his letter.

Might I suggest we vote another way and thats with our feet. There are shops in Ore selling everything we need so why use the Tesco Express when it opens.

There must be set targets for stores like these to make and how can they achieve this if no one goes in there. I for one won’t be using it.


Ashburnham Road