Service showed community spirit

I HAD the pleasure on Sunday, January 26 of attending the annual Unity Service organised by Church Together at the Hastings Centre with more than 400 others.

It was great to see the stands of the 28 exhibitors from organisations covering such diverse projects such as the local Foodbank, Hope Kitchen, Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link, Christians Against Poverty and many more.

We hear little talk these days of the Government’s ‘Big Society’ however I am proud that we have our own ‘Big Community’ in our town with many organisations providing valuable, life changing support for the community supporting the needy and vulnerable at a time of significant economic and financial challenge.

While I am the first to acknowledge that the voluntary sector is not able to pick up all of the gaps in service provision not provided by Government it is encouraging that so many in our town give their time voluntarily to serve the wider community in such a range of diverse projects.

These projects, which weave seamlessly into the fabric of life in Hastings and St Leonards, enrich the lives of those they serve, increase our community spirit and heighten the need for shared responsibility for all of our residents along the way.

May I wish all those that volunteer across the town continued success in the projects you are involved in and I look forward to continuing to hear of the great works provided to the residents of the town we are all proud to call home.


Labour Councillor

Castle Ward

Hastings Borough Council