Serious issues were belittled

AS a frequent visitor to Hastings for more than 30 years, I like to buy a copy of the paper to keep up with what’s happening in the town, whether for good or ill, and was happy to do so again last week.

However, I was disappointed to see that your headline-writer chose to label a letter calling for decency ‘tongue-in-cheek’ (Your Views, ‘Tongue-in-cheek call for decency,’ Hastings Observer, June 13). Leaving aside the rather questionable double-entendre in this phrase, I think it rather belittled the seriousness of the issues being raised.

Visiting the area at the beginning of the year, I read your report of the collapse of the cliffs along the seafront. Having read Mr Sams’ letter about the town’s ‘toxic iceberg’, it now occurs to me that perhaps there was a message there in your earlier report, and to ask: Is it not time to reflect on what caused those “walls” in the Jericho of the East Sussex coast to come tumbling down?


Valley Road