Say goodbye to the repair of potholes

While a few car drivers and a lot of developers might be enthusiastic about carving a ’link’ road through the tranquillity of the Combe Haven, the rest of us council taxpayers should be worried about how the county council is going to raise its share of the cost - £47million plus contingency charges, which, with road building, are always considerable.

The county council has already cut back its budget on essential services for the elderly, education, the environment and public transport. What other services will feel the axe, who else will suffer, as the Road Building Department hunts round for cash to complete its mission to despoil the green lung that sits between Hastings and Bexhill.

Council tax money should be spent for the benefit of those most in need not on roads, especially if the benefit of the road is at best questionable. Most local businesses believe that regeneration would be better served by improvements to the A21. If these improvements are not an option, is it a case of ‘any new road will do’?

Don’t expect a pot-hole near you to get filled in any time soon – or at all.


Old Humphrey Avenue