Right turn lane caters for few

THE Rye Road residents featured in last week’s edition are quite right to oppose the loss of their on-street parking to allow for a right turn lane into Hastings Academy. As the local councillor, I have spoken to some of them and submitted the comments below to the consultation:

“I have seen the proposals for the changes to the above traffic order and spoken to a number of local residents about them. The change to the speed limit, puffin crossing and pavement parking ban in Winchelsea Lane all make sense but I can see no need for a right turn lane into the Academy grounds and the resulting loss of on-street parking for the residents of the properties that front onto this part of Rye Road.

“Once the development of the site is complete, there will be no more traffic entering the site than before and the vast majority of that will be for a short time at the beginning and end of the school day. The right turn lane is not needed. I understand that the academy has not requested this so where did the idea come from?

“The residents of these properties will have nowhere to park their vehicles if the on-street parking ban is introduced especially as many are elderly and not capable of walking the long distance to the nearest available parking space.

“This aspect is a totally ill-considered, unwanted and unnecessary addition compounding the misery these people have had to endure during the development of the site over many months.”

The county council spokesman quoted in your article claims that this is aimed at ensuring the safety of children walking to the school. This is true of the speed limit reduction and improvements to the puffin crossing but the right turn lane has nothing to do with child safety, it is just for the convenience of a few motorists for a short period of the day at the expense of local residents.


Labour Councillor for Ore Ward