Relocation plan is ‘quite absurd’

THE county council’s plan to re-locate the Registration Service to the refurbished Hastings Library is quite absurd.

Claremont is a narrow, one-way street which is difficult enough for vehicles to negotiate at the best of times, and quite unsuitable for the large number of extra cars which would bring couples and their guests for weddings, civil partnership ceremonies and renewal of vows.

Also, the claim that putting the registration of births in the library building would help familiarise babies with the library service is ludicrous.

The county council’s description of Summerfields as being ‘out-of-town’ shows how ‘out-of-touch’ the decision-makers in Lewes really are. Instead of inventing ridiculous reasons for their actions, the county council should admit that this is being done simply to save money, and I hope that our own Borough Planning Committee will reject this daft idea straight away.


Boscobel Road North

St Leonards