Put the people back in the news

IN our weekly read of your fine publication there is one thing missing: local people. I would suggest an item about individuals who readers would like to know more about, particularly how they’ve helped the local community.

One such person would be Dr James Searson of Warrior Square Surgery. I have recently been quite ill and Dr Searson came to see me on four occassions. He didn’t have to as it could have been done over the phone.

That’s where the good bit stopped, though.

I was eventually taken into hospital, kept in overnight for tests and released the next day, without the discharge lounge even knowing I was coming.

On the Monday I had to phone to get my own urgent outpatient appointment which happened on the Thursday. Without doing this I would have been lost in limbo for a long time but after the tests my body has settled down.

Nothing too serious. A nasty flue-like condition followed almost straight away by a possible kidney stone which managed to clear itself as the pains have gone. Those of you wondering how a witch can become ill - simple. We are human and not allowed to do things for ourself.

Don’t get me wrong, the staff at the Conquest do a fantastic job as individuals. Let’s hope that the NHS finds the money to keep the Conquest going.

Thanks again to Dr Searson.


Dane Road

St Leonards