Protestors are a vocal minority

I HAD previously assumed that they were sincere, if out of touch, but there is something extremely grating, and not a little arrogant, about some of the comments attributed to the Combe Haven Defenders and Hastings Alliance.

Despite the views of the various elected representatives for more than 120,000 people in Hastings and Bexhill, and having lost all the economic, legal and planning arguments, there is a hard core that now apparently intends physically to disrupt the road’s construction.

A hard core is all it is. A little over 200 people attended the recent demonstration, and a fair proportion of this tiny but vocal minority do not even live in Hastings or Bexhill.

Collectively they must take their share of the blame for the three decades or more of economic stagnation and planning blight that have afflicted the two towns.

They are no friends of Hastings and Bexhill. Despite their dogged intervention to frustrate road building, they have failed to act as a brake on other environmentally degrading schemes in the area such as the Pebsham landfill/landraise, the former Reprotech plant and an industrial scale sewage plant. Ironically all of these are in close proximity to Combe Haven.

Hastings and Bexhill need transport and regeneration solutions, not ideologically driven pie-in-the sky.

Better public transport means, among other things, an improved bus network. This requires a more efficient road system which alleviates the Glyne Gap bottleneck.

The Hastings Alliance and Combe Haven Defenders should accept they have lost, get over it, and join the 21st century. And their supporters from Eastbourne, Lewes and elsewhere should mind their own business, frankly.



St Leonards