Parking problems all over town

Further to Dave Edwards’ letter (24 December) about the bad planning of the Silverhill junction, may I remind readers of other ‘cock ups’.

1) Angle parking in Warrior Square - the wrong way round! Drivers’ side is by the path, thus making it harder to reverse out. Wellington Square got it correct where it is the passenger side by the path.

2) Kings Rd - having lost parking on one side, 20 per cent of the shops are now empty.

3) Filter lane at the bottom of London Rd. Loss of this has resulted in traffic stacking back to the Royal Victoria Hotel at busy times.

4) Gardner Way , by the Royal Victoria Hotel. Pavement widened so much, resulting in loss of parking places. So wide, the police can be seen parking on the pavement.

5) Loading bays in Gardner Way and round the corner in Grand Parade on the cobbles. Would you believe these are loading bays? But totally unmarked. Requests have been made for signage, but to no avail.

6) Bohemia Road roundabout - how many times have drivers fumed when met with a red light, and no other traffic in sight? Last Friday it took me three red lights to get past the London Road lights. And then on through Silverhill? No, it was down to finding the rat runs and coming south, rather than the Silverhill lights, there are several cut throughs onto Battle Road. The filter light into Asda allows many cars through.

It took 15 years plus for angle parking to be installed in Warrior Square. On all the others, the ‘authorities’ were warned what would happen, but took no notice.

I look forward to some comments from the ‘authorities’.

Mike Stewart

Undercliffe, St Leonards