Overwhelmed by all these reminders

I AM currently unemployed and, as part of the ‘Directed Job Search’ undertaken by the Department of Work and Pensions, I will shortly be having an interview at Heron House.

Purely a routine matter, and one that should not be particularly difficult to organise.

So far, I have received three photocopied letters handed to me at Heron House on my last three visits, all identical, reminding me of this; no less than four letters posted to my home address, two from Heron House and one each from their Crawley and Belfast offices, each one again identical to the ones given to me in person; and then, a call to my mobile phone, again reminding me to attend the meeting.

The day I received the second copy of the letter from Heron House I received no less than five other letters from the DWP, from various offices (Crawley, Manchester, Southampton, Portsmouth and Hastings) giving me details of changes in my payments and changes to Government legislation. Two of these letters included reply-paid envelopes and a request that I send a slip back to them so as to confirm that I had received the letters.

While benefits are being cut, along with council services, and while inflation and unemployment are rising, I find that at least I can take solace from the fact that the public sector has joined in with the spirit of the times, and is making sure that there is no waste of public monies involved in the running of their departments.


Cornwallis Terrace