Once it’s been concreted 
over it’s lost forever

LAST year my eight-year-old daughter and I took part in a walk along the route of the proposed Link Road.

At a farm overlooking the Combe Haven valley, the farmer told us how, if the road were to go ahead, tens of thousands of cars would be travelling through this beautiful and tranquil spot every day.

Once it’s been concreted over, it can never be restored, and another bit of countryside will be lost to our children forever.

More than that, though, the construction of the link road is complete madness from every point of view.

At a cost of £100 million (a figure which is likely only to rise, as these projects almost always seem to cost more than the initial estimate), it is a colossal waste of money at a time when we are told we have to accept cutbacks in health, education and other public services.

Beyond that, we are currently facing the most serious crisis in human history: climate change.

The road will cause an increase in traffic, and thus an increase in carbon emissions at a time when it is crucial that we reduce our emissions drastically.

Instead of spending this money on a new road - which might (or might not) lead to a tiny decrease in congestion on the Bexhill road, at the cost of vastly increased congestion elsewhere - we could instead spend far less on increasing public transport provision, and improving facilities for cyclists and walkers.

My daughter and I will be supporting the new group, the Combe Haven Defenders, in the attempt to stop this disastrous road, and I would urge all those who care about our children’s futures to do the same.


Milward Road