Not sold on this

THE letter from Sam Stoller (Observer, January 4), which concerns rebranding Hastings is tempting and I’m sure many of your readers can think of a more effective identification than ‘famously Hastings’.

To describe it as a ’unique selling point’ is inaccurate. Cllr Birch reckons ‘underneath that short and sharp marketing slogan can be Famously Cultural, Famously Scenic or whatever particular message we want to develop’.

This is the problem, what particular message does he want to develop? I would urge Mr Stoller to stay away from the subject, let’s have less sloganeering and more improved decision making.

Recent cuts to the budget for maintaining parks and gardens and continued neglect of the holiday trade is consistent with absence of coach parking, poor sea condition and sharing the information centre at the Town Hall.

No day trippers, deck chairs, beach balls or surfers are required. Hastings is now a coastal business haven, a new coastal economy is happening; Hastings business operations have dynamic business environments for sale, these premises are ‘ready to go’. So, be careful, nothing ruins a poor product quicker than good advertising.


Old London Road