No county council representation

I READ with interest your report in last week’s Observer of the meeting to discuss traffic problems on The Ridge.

Sadly no representatives from East Sussex County Council (ESCC) were present, only some local councillors and ESCC election candidates and of course, as it is ESCC which is now entirely responsible for our roads, the people present were unable to answer definitively attendees’ questions.

Here in north Hastings we are all fearful of the impact that the link road will have on our daily lives. Already life for those living on or by The Ridge has become more challenging.

This is because virtually nothing has been done to upgrade The Ridge, despite Hastings Borough Council actively encouraging industrial and housing development along its length – and that’s without considering the massive impact of the building of the Conquest Hospital.

So it is encouraging to see that at last councillors and would-be ESCC councillors are taking up the 10-year-old battle cry of the oldest of the north Hastings residents’ associations, even if, regrettably, some of them fail to acknowledge where their campaign themes originate from.

Pilot Field Area Residents’ Association (PFARA) believes that unless we can achieve certain objectives before the link road opens to traffic our quality of life will be seriously affected – for the worse. Therefore we are continuing to fight for the three things which we consider to be of paramount importance in preventing The Ridge and its feeder roads from becoming the replacement Bexhill Road:

1 - A roundabout at the top of Elphinstone Road. Our research shows that traffic lights would be impractical with the frequent, very slow moving, funeral processions entering the cemetery.

2 - A pedestrian crossing to the west of this roundabout.

3 - A stop to all further development along The Ridge, apart from those sites which already have permissions, until the Link Road has been in use long enough for a true assessment to be made of its impact on The Ridge.

Too few people are aware, for example, of the designation of the corner site opposite Sandrock Playing Fields as housing land for about 80 homes on the Hastings Town Plan. We want this designation to be removed from the Town Plan for the forseeable future.

We look forward to all candidates standing for election this May pledging to work with all the town councillors and local residents’ associations to implement these essential three points.



Pilot Field Area Residents’ Association