NHS care is in reverse gear

IT was good of the chief executive of East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust to defend centralising local maternity care (Observer, May 17) to the Conquest when people as far away as Eastbourne may be in a position to want very urgent attention in the case of a problematic pregnancy.

The fact that last year there were a reported 39 urgent cases does not help the pregnant women and their families when this type of emergency rises.

If the Conquest and areas such as Eastbourne were connected by a viable roadway that was not almost constantly gridlocked one way or the other instead of the possibly worst coast road in the country we do have, the assurances may go some way to placate us.

The new road from Hastings to Bexhill may be part of the answer but possibly will never be the whole problem solved as even a hiccup anywhere along the A259 from Little Common toward Eastbourne can be a nightmare.

I wonder how the people who came up with the idea of taking the maternity care from Eastbourne to the Conquest will react if it is one of them or one of their family that finds themselves in a traffic jam on the A259 with a pregnancy complication and possibly a threat to mother or babies life.

The NHS seems to almost be going back in time with the lack of care we all receive from it now in the 21st century.


Duke Street