New refuse plant is badly designed

YOU would have thought, given its size and years of experience in ‘Environmental Services’, that Veolia would know how to design an efficient refuse and recycling plant, however, from my recent visit to its new site at Pebsham it appears not.

Access via a two-lane, one-way road does nothing other than create a bottleneck at the eventual entrance as cars have to merge lanes. This serves no purpose other than like a supermarket checkout queue, annoy those who chose the wrong, slower lane as others drive past on the clearer lane.

As a result, on a not particularly busy afternoon I waited nearly 30 minutes. Unlike the old site if you change your mind once in the queue the option of doing a three-point turn and coming back later no longer exists.

But it is when you eventually get to the site itself that the reality hits home. It is smaller, narrower and far less efficient than the previous site with an inadequate number of marked bays in the various sections. Nor indeed is it any safer as cars still have to reverse into the bays while others are driving off in the same shared area.

How could this be allowed to happen, either by those on the council who contract Veolia to deliver this service, or Veolia’s own people with some semblance of experience in designing such facilities knowing the usage and capacity of the previous site?

I think at the very least that Veolia and the council should do now is look at reopening the previous site, splitting the waste and recycling between the two and finally delivering the residents a quicker and improved service.


West Hill Road