London is the centre of our economic woes

I’M sure that most readers were inspired by Richard Meade’s vigorous (Christmas Eve) defence of our MP, Ms Rudd.

At no time did he allow facts to interfere with his arguments and so he felt able to blame the finance sector’s failings on Labour and Hastings present and future problems onto worthless residents such as me.

Financial problems were directly the result of greed and unacceptably bad economic judgments by a bunch of London based wastrels who had no conception of either competence or morality.

Labour can certainly be criticised for not imposing stricter regulations on the banks but at the same time Osborne, now chancellor, was urging less regulation.

Hastings is not a major recipient of government aid because the statistics referred to by Mr Meade only deal with benefits. In fact like most of England Hastings is obliged to subsidise that appalling sink - London. Not only does London have £16bn of taxpayers’ money to spend on Crossrail, a link to enable bankers and their ilk to escape to the country (or from it), there is a corresponding reduction in the speed and regularity of rail links from Hastings.

As if that were not bad enough council tax is twisted in favour of the richest parts of London. I live in a modest terraced house in West Hill which is grade B and for which I will have to pay £1255.67 in the coming year. A grade B in Westminster is charged, wait for it, £534.82 - less than half the rate here and it gets worse. Tony Blair, whose house is valued in the millions, is liable to pay

£1375.24 in 2011; nearly £120 more than me the poor man!

Who invented this system? The Conservatives for its objective, like the rise in VAT, is to tax the poor and save the rich.


West Hill