Litter picks are badly needed

I INVITE you all to have a walk over South Saxons playing fields and along the stream round to the St Leonards Academy fields, up the steps east of the school building and through the woods.

Along the walk there is the nature reserve, the only part which seems to have any care taken over it. The rest of the area for local people has been completely abandoned by the local council.

I can’t remember the last time the area adjacent to the path leading from Filsham Road (by St Vincents), was cleared and mown. It used to be a grassed area before Filsham Valley School was built.

The bushes are never cut back or maintained along the paths and neither are the trees taken care of. The wood area is slowly being massacred by bike tracks disturbing their roots and people ripping branches off. The foreign ivy is suffocating many of the mature trees. The dog mess is everywhere, and if its not been picked up its in a bag thrown in the bush or hanging off branches.

St Leonards Academy should consider litter picking, the kids hang around in areas in the woods and it looks like they have absolutely no respect for their local environment. Fag ends, cans, bottles, books, crisp wrappers etc all over the place.

I have never seen the kids out picking up litter. We used to do this when I was at West St Leonards School (when it was on Bexhill Road), and it taught us to be clean and tidy and respect our environment.

I have been over the field picking up rubbish and filling black bags, but there is just too much. We need some help here.

Are there any park rangers that could take care and manage this area properly? People need to start taking more care of their local areas and schools need to include litter picks again. Maybe they wouldn’t drop so much if thy knew they were a part of keeping it clean.


St Saviours Road

St Leonards