Link will merely shift problems

IN your article of May 24 about the effects of the link road on traffic congestion (‘Link Road will cause gridlock say protesters), you say that ‘Combe Haven Defenders predict that traffic on The Ridge, where the hospital is situated, and Queensway, could increase by as much as 26 per cent when the road is built’.

The figure is correct, but it is wrong to attribute it to Combe Haven Defenders. In fact, the figure comes from East Sussex County Council. In its own documents it admits that traffic will increase by 26 per cent on The Ridge, 81 per cent on Queensway, and around 60 per cent on Gillsmans Hill.

As far as it is possible to determine, ESCC has no plans to deal with this added congestion other than by rephasing traffic lights.

The fact is, the main effect of the link road on congestion will be to simply move it around. There will be a minimal improvement on Bexhill Road, but at the cost of vastly increased congestion elsewhere.

This shows very clearly that the link road has nothing to do with relieving congestion, and never did have. It is about one thing only: allowing the ‘development’ of a huge area of greenfield land to the north east of Bexhill, which will be covered in houses and industrial estates.

The recent planning application for the ‘gateway’ road (joining Wrestwood Road in Bexhill to the Link Road) is a crucial part of this strategy. The gateway road, and the associated development, will destroy green fields and woodlands which are rich in animal life, particularly badgers.

Last week a number of nature organisations released a report (The State of Nature) on the alarming decline in our wildlife and plantlife over the past 50 years.

It showed that 60 per cent of species studied had declined markedly over that period. That ESCC is pressing ahead with a road which is going to cause devastation to the incredibly beautiful, biodiverse and fragile Combe Haven, shows that the future of our planet is of far less importance to them than enabling a few ‘developers’ to line their pockets.


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