Link road will cost town its essence

GILLIAN Bargery (Observer, September 30) asks what would be the benefits of the proposed new link road. Isn’t it obvious?

There are developers and property speculators who could make millions out of this unique opportunity to concrete over our countryside.

All they need is to persuade us to let them do it (clue: what did Sam Goldwyn say was ‘born every minute’?)

Then with any luck these people will be so rich they won’t ever have to live in one of the nasty little rabbit-hutch style box-houses they are going to build there.

Maybe the new stores will even employ a number of people to equal the number who will be thrown out of work when the local shops all have to close down because of the competition. But then, maybe they won’t. Who knows?

But the advantage for them of course is that the shops forced to close down are going to be the small, local family businesses, whereas the new shops in the new town between Hastings and Bexhill will all be multinational chain-stores whose profits will be siphoned away to line the pockets of city financiers - everybody’s favourite people. Whoopee.

Shame about the increase in car use this will require in these days of carbon-consciousness and climate change (since there will be no adequate public transport going anywhere near there) but once Hastings, as we know it, has disappeared into the urban agglomeration of the sprawling city that will cover the land between Fairlight and Cooden, then who will care what happened to the people in what used to be called ‘Hastings’ anyway?


Priory Close