Leaping to the defence of the mayor

IN REPLY to Kitson Wellard’s letter in the November 18 Observer. The Mayor, Councillor Kim Forward, is criticised for not wearing full mayor’s regalia and indeed further comments were made criticising the mayor’s ‘fashion sense’ and asking if the Mayor does not have an aide to advise on these issues.

Perhaps we may look at another who certainly does have many aides and advisors for guidance.

The Queen does not wear a crown or ermine at Remembrance Services. She arrives in more sombre attire befitting the occasion perhaps a little more aware than Kitson Wellard that Remembrance Services are about showing respect for and remembering others, than making sure everyone notices that you were there.

Whilst being criticised for not wearing the Mayor’s regalia Councillor Forward is at the same time accused of wearing bling.

If we look at the history of formal regalia it was surely designed to be very bling.

It is the office and position that matter and the person in that position. It’s not about what they are wearing.

It is very disappointing that women in particular still appear to be judged by clothes and appearance undermining the ability of the individual.

Hastings should be very proud to have someone who is showing their respect for the position of Mayor with tireless effort and support for a whole range of causes and fulfilling the role of Mayor in a way most would support and admire.

Please let us focus more on substance over appearance.

Richard Odell

Marina, St Leonards