Just want to enjoy a few drinks and a fag

IN REFERENCE to Mr Robinson’s letter of August 31, I and a lot of other people would very much agree with his comments on the Government and Hastings Borough Council, the way there are blaming noise and disturbance on licensees and pub smokers or drinkers.

On the same page we get Godfrey Daniel telling us what he wants to adapt – has he not got any idea? First of all the Government made it law, and did not consider having smoking pubs or smoking rooms when they sent pub drink prices sky high so some drinkers now get cheaper booze from the small corner shops before going to the pub.

I have lived in Hastings well over 65 years, and like many people my age or older, I like the pub life.

We were brought up to enjoy our few drinks and a fag, and to consider other people.

We just like a good time with no nonsense. But thanks to the Government and council, there are now police licensing officers and environmental officers asking licensees to move chairs, turn off lights and heating in the early evening, and have even asked for a three-foot fence to be removed as it made a smoking shelter too enclosed.

So Mr Daniel, give us some answers: where do smokers/drinkers go?

Ninety-nine per cent of licensees are responsible people. But I know a lot of people who now top up their drink with cheap alcohol from the corner shop because they cannot afford pub prices.


Eversley Close

St Leonards