Jumping through hoops to get funds

MY heart goes out to Simon Hubbard, director of regeneration, and Cllr Peter Chowney, lead member for regeneration at Hastings Borough Council, after reading the article ‘Council’s bid for £6 million’ in the Observer on July 13.

Not only is it ‘almost impossible to find out what organisation you are entitled to get funds from’ but also, ‘more and more local authorities are having to bid competitively for pots of money’.

Then, on top of this, ‘You do not really have a guarantee that the money is going to the areas that most need it’.

I doubt that many of your readers, especially those in business in the area, appreciate what it must be like to operate in a system where there is no entitlement to funding; there are high levels of competition, and no chance of guaranteed success.

It must be unbearable, and no encouragement at all having Cllr Andrew Gurney point out that you got the paperwork wrong.


Bulverhythe Road

St Leonards