It’s a safer world

I WOULD like to apologise, if I may, to any readers who may have misunderstood a comment I made in a recent Observer concerning the Ridge Fire Station.

I am opposed to any cuts in local services, especially the Fire Brigade, which employs some of the bravest men in our community. However, I wanted to point out a few of the reasons why such cuts are being considered. Over the years many things have changed that have led to a safer environment. We now have fewer coal fires, furniture is less combustible, kitchen appliances are safer, and roads are supposedly safer.

We have smoke detectors, sprinkler systems etc and central heating has replaced paraffin heaters and electric fires.

Offices, pubs, shops, restaurants, hotels etc are safer because of no smoking laws and even at home many people prefer to smoke in the garden.

The fire brigade has also done great work installing fire prevention and detection devices resulting in fewer fires.

I’m not saying these are reasons to downgrade a fire station, but probably contribute to why such actions are being looked at.

As I understand it The Ridge Fire Station will remain open, but with one less fire engine. Thankfully no firemen will lose their jobs.


The Slides

St Leonards