I believe the political mood is changing

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I WOULD like to thank all the residents of Maze Hill who trusted in my passion for improving our ward and voted for me on May 4.

I must also thank my mum, dad, leafleters, canvassers and dedicated campaign co-ordinator Solomon Curtis for all of their hard work and support over the past nine months.

The enthusiasm and response I’ve received on the doorstep has been positive and productive and I look forward to discussing many of these current issues with my Labour colleagues on the borough council.

I would also like congratulate and pray for all of the newly-elected councillors and the other candidates, especially my opponents, Sue Tate and the victor councillor Maureen Charlesworth.

Unfortunately I was unsuccessful in my attempt to represent the ward I live in and love. Nevertheless, with only 44 votes between myself and the incumbent councillor and with an 18.5 per cent swing I believe that the political mood is changing.

I firmly believe that there is a need for a younger generation of political talent to take the mantel of civic representation.

Throughout the election it has been the young people who have inspired me the most. During my visits to local organisations, such as the Respond Academy and Phoenix Flyers, it is clear that these young people have the maturity and ideas to overcome any democratic crisis, but they must be nurtured and political education should be the key.

The Observer was right to purport that ‘the only way to engage today’s disenchanted youth is to give them a voice and show them how they can make a difference’. The youth are the future, the youth have the energy, and it is the youth who will make a difference.

Along with the BME community, it is my aim over the coming years is to engage politically with young people because they will be the providers for the future.

If anyone has any ideas or would like to be involved please contact me on james.bacon@hastingsandryelabour.org.uk.


Labour Party activist

Maze Hill ward