History lesson

May I be permitted to add a few thoughts to the debate about Hastings harbour and the reason for the placement of the castle?

When the stand on the South Terrace side of the cricket ground was erected after the Second World War my recollection is that it was reported that during the digging of the foundations for the stand evidence of a wooden wharf was found.

When the remains of the Augustinian Priory were excavated by HAARG before the erection of the multi-storey car park In Priory Street it was suggested that its position was on the side of the Harbour area.

The whole of the Havelock Road/Middle Street area was very different before the arrival of the railway.

All that land was very damp and muddy.

I worked in the first floor of 31 Havelock Road for more than 20 years from 1954 and was able to witness on a daily basis the very deep piles required for the telephone exchange building erected on that bombed site because there was no solid base to be found.

Hastings had a large harbour hence our place in the Cinque Ports.

That, I believe was unfortunately lost in the great storms of the 14th century together with other parts of the local coastline.


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