Great memories

I WRITE to express my appreciation of your recent photo of the full moon over East Hill, my mother having said there was a full moon at my birth in Hastings on January 19, 1927.

No doubt she thought any aberrant behaviour on my part later could be due to this fact!

Much more of current interest is the Combe Haven saga now ongoing. My grandparents lived at the cottage to the rear of the old Filsham Waterworks with whom we lived for a while.

My grandfather Thomas A Thomson, engineer, being employed by the Borough Water Engineers Department, spent many years, partly serving the old pumping station at Pebsham, on the area of the marsh. He reached it, often after dark, by walking across such a difficult area aided by the light of a candle in a jam-jar, suspended on string - changed times indeed!

As for the present, it would appear now that tree-felling has comenced. The protestors may be facing an already lost cause, though I sympathise entirely and hope otherwise. I wonder also, whether those very practical people, the engineers who ‘do’ rather than just talk, have been able to voice publicly their opinions.

With regrets that I am unable now to climb trees, I’ll follow events with interest.


Orchard Place,