Grateful for any donations for sale

MAY I open this letter by expressing my thanks to the Observer readers for their generosity in previous years, regarding our annual sale of second hand jewellery.

Once again we are holding our annual jewellery sale on Saturday and Sunday, October 6 and 7 at the Hastings Lifeboat Station from 10am onwards.

We would be delighted if any of your readers who have any items and would like to donate for this very worthy cause.

As I’m sure you are aware the ongoing maintenance costs for our two lifeboats is constantly rising and we are always very grateful for any contributions to this important cause.

We would be able to collect any items donated. Please ring 01424 440402, and someone is willing to collect, or the RNLI shop at the lifeboat house on The Stade is open every day between 10am and 5pm. With sincerest gratitude from all at the Hastings Lifeboat Station.


Rock Lane