Flood warning

HAVING used parts of Combe Haven Valley for my Pagan beliefs for more 30 years when it gets wet down there it gets very wet.

I have never doubted that the link road would happen due to the needless greed of individuals who see any area of countryside as a building plot.

I am happy to say that the areas that I’ve worked magic for remain safe. However those planning this disaster should be held responsible for the wildlife losing their home and some their lives.

The decision to put the link road through a potential flood plain with the dramatic changes we are seeing to our weather system in the UK is not only foolhardy and destructive to the environment but a threat to future properties that may be built there.

With this in mind I feel that Hastings Borough Council should take into account how properties there will insure themselves and the road there be kept safe for users, without having to call in Hastings Lifeboat with drivers standing on their car roofs waiting for rescue.

When the railway used to run between Crowhurst and Bexhill part of it had to be carried over Combe Haven Valley by a 17 arch viaduct, 65ft above the ground. which was demolished in 1969.

Perhaps someone ought to look into the future, not by crystal ball may I add, but pure common sense which those supporting this sceme obviously have very little of.

A flood plain it was and with the increasing amount of rain that this country is seeing and going to see in the future with the dramatic climate change happening now, a flood plain it will be again.

It’s a recipe for disaster that my curse will certainly add to.


Dane Road

St Leonards