Fish sculpture a brilliant idea

THE design for the roundabout at Pelham Place came as a lovely surprise with the photograph from Tony Garrett with his idea.

It is stunning and so relevant to Hastings and in particular along the seafront.

The fishes will be breath taking and the lighting of fishes around the outside by a wind turbine. Original design so suited to our town.

We still have a fishing fleet and let us be proud of it and celebrate the fact.

Until, I realised that it was not the chosen design in reading on. I would appeal to the council in please do consider this stunning design very much.

We have a great sculpture on the Winkle Island in the Old Town, another most attractive design and a feel to it.

It is a focal point for visitors and us living here.

I am sure that many local people will agree with me in appealing to the council for this type of sculpture and thank you to Tony Garrett for the brilliant idea.


Martineau Lane