Embroidery merits its very own home

IT was good to read Mr Coleman’s letter and to know that he too feels that the Hastings Embroidery should be on public display.

However, I do not at all like his suggestion that it should be placed in the Jerwood Gallery.

It should be on its own, and the revenue from it should go to Hastings Borough Council to help offset the cost of many years of storage, and to bring more money into the town. There is no reason at all why the Jerwood Gallery should profit from it.

The embroidery would attract people who would never think of going to an art gallery. In any case, it is very large, consisting of 29 panels, each nine feet long and three feet high, so I hardly think that Jerwood would want to give up so much space to it.

Let the embroidery have its own special home. It surely deserves that, and the sooner, the better.


Hughenden Road