Don’t blame the seagulls - it’s all the waste food we leave

WHY, oh why, does everyone keep blaming our seagulls for the mess in this town?

If the people of this town didn’t throw so much waste away it wouldn’t be in the bins for the gulls to eat.

If the bins were big enough to accommodate all the waste people produce then the lids would shut and the seagulls wouldn’t be able to get in them.

The public bins around the town should be emptied more. They are always full especially in the summer months. If we didn’t have alternate collection weeks then the non-recycling rubbish wouldn’t be sat around for two weeks enticing the birds.

I don’t throw anything away that can be eaten. If my family doesn’t consume it then it is all put out in the evening for the foxes and birds.

This way there is never any wasted food, my black bags are never ripped open, I have far less rubbish and the animals have full stomachs and have no need to scavenge meaning no rubbish all over the place. Perhaps more people should do this. It makes sense.

And if the people are still unhappy with the seagulls then don’t live by the sea.

Stop attacking our wildlife and concentrate on the amount of wasted food this town produces and the lack of services we get from our council.


Fern Road

St Leonards