Design shows elegant and attractive building

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I WAS extremely pleased to read the article in the Observer (May 18).

It would appear that, at long last, some progress is being made towards obtaining a CPO. Let us hope that no further delays occur.

The design included in the article shows a well-thought out, elegant and attractive building offering an impressive range of amenities.

This project would restore a much-loved icon to life and provide another attraction for local and visitors alike.

The Jerwood project was repeatedly stalled by various problems (objections from some locals, delays in construction, etc). We could perhaps learn from past mistakes and avoid similar difficulties with the pier.

Another local icon in a sorry state is Marine Court. The landlords apparently need five years to refurbish it.

It might be a good idea for the council to take over the work, which could probably be completed within two years, and present them with the bill.


Ore Place