Council hit new low with allotment

IN your ongoing story about one man’s struggle to grow fruit trees on his allotment, this has hit an all-time low for the council.

It would seem from your article that this poor man had permission to grow fruit trees after all, possibly due to the original contract being as the council spokesman eloquently puts it, “The rules in the current agreement are poorly worded and difficult to enforce.”

So, faced with this fact, does the council concede as gentlemen that Mr Rock may well be within his rights, according to the contract he signed and is relying on? No. It creates a new contract and stipulates, “Anyone who refuses to sign up to the new agreement will forfeit their allotment” Signing under duress?

Can someone please answer me this, if the council can just change a contract in place to suit it, and force everyone concerned to sign it or lose, then how can we rely on any contract the council enters into?

Who is to say any council agreement won’t be changed from under you, using some loophole, after you have agreed to its terms and possibly invested in them, as this man has? You think it can’t happen? It is happening here.

While you might feel one way or the other about this man’s trees, surely no decent person can condone the underhanded tactics being employed here.

This issue brings the respectability and word of our council into question. Your word means nothing if you don’t keep it.


Plynlimmon Road