Confusion over school closures

THERE has been some confusion around the closure of The Grove and Filsham Valley schools.

I work at The Grove, and since the schools broke up for summer, I have spoken to many unsure Grove school parents and students. Most, due to articles in the paper reporting the end of The Grove, are confused as to what happens in September.

I would like to clarify that The Grove has not closed, and that The Grove students will not be transferring to Filsham Valley School in September.

What has ended is The Grove and Filsham Valley School names. They are changing in name to St Leonards Academy. (Grove to be Darwell site, Filsham to be Edinburgh site)

The only changes for Grove students in September, will be a new uniform and new teachers.

Grove students will not be moving to Filsham Valley until it has been rebuilt, in two years time into the new Academy building. I hope this clears up the confusion.


Mount Pleasant Road