Closing specialist ward short-sighted

I HAVE recently been visiting a 97-year-old lady who has been a patient on Benson ward for the past five weeks. The possibility of closure of this ward is an extraordinary decision given that it appears that there will be no provision for care of the elderly in specialist wards.

I have nothing but praise for the ward and the care given by both doctors and nursing staff has been first class. The nursing profession has come under fire in the press recently and it was all the more reassuring to see the patients being treated with care, kindness and respect.

Nursing the elderly requires specialist skills, is very time consuming and requires a great deal of patience. Moreover, the elderly deserve to be able to count on being well cared for, not just cast aside in order to save money.

In the circumstances, it would be very short-sighted to close this ward given that there is an ever increasing elderly population in the Hastings area.