Care should be priority, not money

SO Nick Perry (Letters, September 30) feels I am ‘totally wrong’ to say that the Health and Social Care bill removes the founding principle based on need and not the ability to pay.

One of the many things this disastrous bill does is to scrap the private patient income cap.

This is a cap on the amount of money NHS hospital trusts can raise though private patient work.

Mr Perry is no doubt aware of the financial plight of our local trust. When cash strapped hospitals battle to balance their books, their only course of action will be to increase private work at the expense of NHS patients.

Therefore it will be NHS patients who will be disadvantaged, not those who can afford to pay privately.

Care may remain ‘free at the point of delivery’ but as waiting lists rise it will be the NHS patients at the back of the queue.

Unfortunately the Lib Dem rebellion was far too small to stop the bill. I suggest Mr Perry consults with one of the three Lib Dem MPs (Andrew George, Martin Horwood and Adrian Sanders) who voted in support of the Labour Party amendment to retain the private patient income cap.

Or even his own party president, Tim Farron who was one of the ten Lib Dem MPs who abstained in the vote on this particular amendment.


Friars Crescent