Big thank-you to the charities for help

A HUGE thank you to all those charities who throughout the year, and especially at Christmas time, help to support the families we work with.

The Chichester Diocesan Association for Family Support Work is a unique service providing emotional and practical support to families in need in Sussex. I am the worker for Hastings and St Leonards and many of the families we work with suffer severe hardship and disadvantage.

Each year Surviving Christmas and the Hastings Rotary Club donate vouchers to the families we support, to buy gifts and little extras for their children. This always makes such a difference to parents/carers and their children at a time when they expect very little.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those other charities that help us to support families. Their timely and practical intervention often prevents families from spiralling into debt and despair as a result of their circumstances.

Local charities, such as Rye Lions Club, the Muffin Club, Catherine House, the Magdalen and Lasher Charity and RELIEF (Hastings Area Community Trust) together with charities from outside the local area have collectively provided vouchers, appliances, clothing, beds and bedding, heating, activities, outings and extra curricular sessions for numerous families and their children.

In many cases, these charities have enabled children and their parents to experience opportunities otherwise denied to them.

On behalf of the families, I would like to thank all the charities for their amazing and generous contributions.


Family support worker,

Robsack Centre, Bodiam Drive,

St Leonards