Bad timing

I NOTE that the Marine Management Organisation is currently seeking applications for the post of Head of European Grants.

The job description for this new £53,000 - £60,000 a year post includes the following: ‘The successful person will have the ability to develop innovative marketing strategies to maximise the investment in the English fishing communities and help secure their futures’.

It is difficult to see how the serving of a summons against Paul Joy on Christmas Eve (Observer, January 25) assists either this English fishing community or its future.

Regardless of the merits of the allegations (and mindful of the fact that the minutiae of the EU quota regulations would test the patience of a saint) from this reader’s viewpoint the timing of this legal intervention does indeed look suspiciously like a personal vendetta. Possibly this kind of conduct lies behind the fact that at the last published survey almost one in four Marine Management Organisation employees refused to declare themselves ‘proud of their employer’.

My misgivings are further reinforced when I note that within the nine-strong board of directors of the organisation and the five members of its executive team, there apparently exists only one person claiming a close working experience of the fishing industry - and he subsequently settled for the shelter of academia.

Admittedly I am not an inshore fisherman but I have travelled extensively within the maritime areas of France, Italy and Greece and it is my distinct impression that the vindictive zeal with which this collection of land-locked accountants, lawyers, and ex-tax inspectors pursue their jargon ridden agenda, backed by gunboats, aerial and would you believe satellite surveillance is unique within the European Union.

It is a matter of record that the £125,000 annual expenditure by the legal department within the Marine Management Organisation has already been called into question by its own management as being substantially more extravagant than its staff numbers should warrant.

But then again perhaps organising summonses to coincide with Christmas Eve involves overtime payments. So at this time of government cuts perhaps we might inform Amber Rudd MP that whole of this self-serving and pompous quango be recommended for discard?



The Croft