Answers please over taxation

CLLR Charlesworth needs to answer some questions if she claims that the rich are more heavily taxed than before.

If this is true, can she explain why her government has cut corporation tax from 28 per cent in 2011 by two per cent twice a year so that it now stands at 23 per cent and will fall to 21 per cent in 2014?

Why have they cut taxes on overseas profit, making a £20 billion loss in revenue? Why have they opted out of FTT which 11 other countries have implemented, making big business pay fair taxes and could have brought in another £69.9 billion yearly?

Why do small companies have to pay more tax than the biggest 50? Why has the UK has the smallest corporation tax in western Europe (except Ireland)?

Why have they abolished tax relief for the wealthiest? Why, the same month that they gave 13,000 millionaires a £100,000 tax cut did they implement taxes on the poorest via a bedroom tax, even though two thirds of the adult population don’t earn enough to pay tax?

And talking of this bedroom tax, her government has decided that a bedroom is not needed even when it clearly is, to push this forward. Your government has allowed the rich to get richer while telling a divorced father that he no longer needs overnight contact with his kids, a teenager of 14 does not need her own room and should share with her three-year-old sister. I could quote many cases but I have been collecting signatures and 400+ are telling a different story.

As for your figures asserting that in 122 will be affected in Hastings, wrong again. According to an Impact assessment for Hastings by the DWP and the Chartered Institute of Housing which can be found at, 3,860 will face difficulty in Hastings this year in paying rent because of your reforms, which will impact low earners, pensioners and the disabled. 310 single people will lose their one-bedroom home and the private sector housing will drop from 55 per cent to 32 per cent.

To quote that 100 less have claimed Jobseekers’ Allowance is pathetic; they probably left the town as they had no hope of a home or a job! The facts speak for themselves. The poor are getting poorer, homeless and desperate and the rich are getting richer thanks to your government.


Mount Pleasant Road

People Against Welfare Reforms (Facebook)