Amount given to charity was wrong

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WHILE I do not wish to engage in correspondence ‘ping pong’ with Mr Smith I feel he has missed the point of my letter.

Of course I realise there are costs involved for any ‘free’ event but when they are more than the amount given to charity I think there is a problem. Mr Smith is asking for a £3,000 grant but by his own figures only gave £2,700 to the RNLI last year.

Financial common sense would be that running costs are covered by the revenue raised and any surplus/profits given to charity. Blaming the weather for a poor turnout is little excuse, we should know from experience the one thing you cannot rely on for any outdoors event is sunshine.

If any grants are to be given cut out the so called ‘free’ event if a profit cannot be guaranteed and give a bigger donation directly to charity.


Woodspring Close

St Leonards