A reason for the Undercliff debacle?

I HAVE a few words of warning for would-be objectors to planning applications. At a planning committee meeting on January 5 at Hastings town hall, I discovered that to oppose building on potentially unsafe ground is not a valid objection to planning applications.

How crazy is that? This is, no doubt, one of the reasons for the Undercliff debacle where landslip objections were ignored, planning permission was granted, the development went ahead, and the land slipped.

The planning application I opposed (which is not far from Undercliff), along with several other petitioners, was passed, unfortunately.

I only hope that there isn’t a repeat of the aforementioned Undercliff scenario, as, no doubt, it won’t be the councillors who voted for the application who will have to pay to clear up the mess.

Speaking of councillors, I would like to thank those councillors who had the backbone to vote against the application (which was identical to one refused only four years ago), unlike their pusillanimous colleagues on the planning committee who seem to be pathologically terrified of the words ‘Planning Inspectorate’. There were even councillors there who voted against this identical application four years ago who voted for it this time round.

Lastly, I should also like to warn would-be objectors to check that any signed documents they submit to the council do not end up online with their signatures exposed to the world for anybody to hijack. This happened to me in this case, and I am pursuing a complaint.


Roundwood Road

St Leonards