£1 reasonable charge to park for a day

IN last week’s Observer, Fairlight Cove resident Carol Ardley denounced me for having a ‘them and us’ attitude to Fairlight and Hastings – simply because I had suggested that Fairlight residents should share some of the cost of running the Hastings Country Park.

I and, I believe, many other people think that charging just £1 for a day’s use of the car parks is quite a reasonable proposal to make, given that us Hastings ratepayers live in one of the poorest towns in southern England, and the government is forcing Hastings Borough Council to axe many of its services. If the country park budget of £200,000 were cut, then the much-loved Park would suffer serious damage.

Rother District Council, on the other hand, does not have to make such drastic cuts, and as Hastings has been supplying Rother ratepayers with a free country park and car parks for 40 years, surely Ms Ardley and Bexhill town hall could now come up with some way of helping us financially?


Collier Road